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This is what you can expect from us

How we work

Our general overhaul of your inverter includes:

Cleaning the entire device

Comprehensive error analysis

Backup of parameters and error log

Replacement of all expendable parts and failure-prone components, both electronic and mechanical

Replacement of defective components

Restoration of adequate thermal conductivity of power semiconductors

Stress test including test reporting

Parameter adjustment

Visualization of a circuit board

Do you need a tailor-made solution for your inverters?

Your expert for sustainable electronics maintenance

We make renewable energy systems sustainable and efficient. By performing preventive maintenance on your inverters at high speed, we maximize the profitability of your photovoltaic system. Repowering is not necessary.

Soldering work on a circuit board
Photo of several components on a circuit board

Reverse engineering for greater process reliability

We work with a secure supply chain for reverse engineering. All components relevant to the repair are continuously available.

A technician checking a circuit board

We work preventively

Our comprehensive analysis of the inverters identifies and analyzes the full range of faults. Wearing parts and failure-prone components are removed and replaced with suitable components. Our team of experienced and qualified specialists has developed reliable hardware and software for the tested, compatible replacements. In this way, we extend the life of the electronic and mechanical components and thus the entire power electronics system.

We support the following manufacturers

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